Friday, January 25, 2008


Listen, here. I recently found out that Aesop Rock, my favorite white Jewish hip-hop virtuoso, played a free show at Southpaw (which is a mere six blocks from my apartment) the other night. And NO ONE bothered to tell me about this. I thought you guys were my friends. The worst part about it is that I actually walked by there before the show, saw the line of people wrapped around the block, and thought, "what the hell is going on there? I'll have to find out when I get home," and then of course promptly forgot all about it. I SO would have been there. SO. Would have.

It's so cold in my apartment right now that my hands are going numb. I'm wearing outerwear inside. Also, I'm hungry. And I have to pee, but it's too goddamn cold to take my pants off. I just opened up the fridge to get some milk, and it's warmer in there than it is out here. WTF?

Woe is me, and all that.

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