Thursday, July 31, 2008


Somebody just found my blog by doing a google search for "fat kid on a dinghy pictures."

Yay for me.


Relationships = Weirdness.


Fort Pierce = Classy.


I don't care how cool you are, everybody looks stupid on a scooter. Well, okay -- everybody except hot Japanese chicks.


I have had a long-running theory that Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force bears a striking resemblance to Brian Wilson. Here, you be the judge:


I will be visiting western Kentucky next weekend, for four days of ridicule, hijinks and shiny new beginnings.

In related news, a Greyhound bus passenger in Canada was stabbed and decapitated by a fellow passenger last night. That's right, a man turned to the innocently sleeping passenger next to him and just went ahead and sawed the guy's head off with a serrated knife. Let's hope my flight to Nashville next Saturday does not contain any passengers with similar urges.

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I'm Frank said...

People always stumble upon my blog while looking for instructions on how to make sex toys. I'm not quite sure what words I've included in past posts that would pull my blog up in such a search.