Thursday, August 28, 2008

would you still remember me?

Can't write much at the moment; I'm too busy doing Kentucky-ish things. Here, enjoy this pictorial essay on my trip:

I left.

In High Falls, Georgia, I stopped for gas at this store, which contained many (like thirty, I kid you not) specimens of taxidermied wildlife, including bobcats and squirrels in a glass case hanging over the ice cream cooler. It inspired me to buy. . .

. . . this beer, for the road.

Finally made it to Jasper, Georgia, where I am pretty sure I ratcheted up the fun at my buddy's 30th birthday par-tay to a whole new level.

Didn't feel so good the next morning, but thanks to CW's Breakfast of the Century and this view (from the top of Whitey's driveway, how lucky is he?), was infused with enough hope and fortitude to make the remaining six-hour drive to western Kentucky.

Apparently it actually does exist.

The area outside Chattanooga, Tennessee, is breathtakingly beautiful.

Nashville. Batman building. See it?

The folks of central Tennessee sure do know how to make some whiskey, but the pizza is a whole different story.

Entering Kentucky.

Crossing Kentucky Lake into Land Between the Lakes.

The two main crops in Kentucky are corn. . .

. . . and soy.

Almost home. Blue KY sky, just outside Murray.


That was the journey, in a nutshell. Next time, photos of my new home.


I'm Frank said...

Why does Georgia always insist on being the asshole of the country?

I've been through Nashville several times. I'm a big fan of the batman building.

V said...

Georgia was actually mild and pleasant this time around, kind of like a lamb. Or a kitten. Soft and hazy and comforting. Didn't even have any run-ins with the infamous state troopers.

I'm ambivalent on the taxidermy -- fascinating yet morbid, though I don't think it makes them assholes. People do funny things in the South.