Sunday, October 5, 2008

know your enemy

Having political discussions is great, but if you're only talking to people who agree with you, it doesn't make for a very interesting conversation. And regardless of whom I'm talking with, I like to be informed on both sides so that I can at least feel like I have a fairly solid basis for my opinions.

These last few months The Man and I have been following the election pretty closely, and in an effort to provide ourselves the most complete (read: unbiased) view, we've been gathering our information from a variety of sources, including the standards (NY Times, CNN, The Daily Show), several foreign papers/sites (BBC, CBC, that Irish paper that keeps coming up in Google searches), and even some pretty right-leaning papers like the Christian Science Monitor and the Murray Times-Ledger. Until now we've stayed away from Fox News, but we thought in order to really understand the other half we ought to give it a whirl just to see what those crazy folk are saying.

Some asshole on Fox News just said, in all seriousness, that Sarah Palin has more experience than Barack Obama and that he would have no problem with her running the country should McCain suffer another bout with melanoma and disappear from the scene.

I guess that's why I don't watch Fox News.

For a totally unbiased piece that pretty much sums it all up, check out this article: Report: 60 Million People You'd Never Talk To Voting For Other Guy


Frank said...

I'm not voting for McCain, but I do respect what he stands for. McCain and Obama can debate back and forth as long as they want and I really don't care.

Sarah Palin, on the other hand, shouldn't be allowed to speak in public anymore.

V said...

i realize rolling stone is ridiculously biased (as evidenced by the tone in every article, no matter whom it was written by) -- which is why i've not read much of their election coverage until now. still, you should read this article on mccain:

and the much more enlightening article on palin:

i used to have some respect for mccain, but it's rapidly being replaced by anger. palin, on the other hand, has become an over-hyped non-issue as far as i'm concerned, because at this point i'm not really in fear that they'll be elected.

Frank said...

I used to like McCain as well. A year ago I said he was the only republican I'd consider voting for, depending on who the democratic candidate was. But since then he's basically sold his soul for this election, which is sad.