Sunday, January 11, 2009

pull out ya phone, picture that

The other day I was terrorizing TM with my cell phone camera, trying to get a photo of him doing something dorky while we were lying around on the couch, and when I showed him afterward he asked why the hell I have over a hundred photos stored on my phone. Well, that's because I'm lazy and a procrastinator and there's really been no reason to get rid of them. Until now.  So here it is, cameraphone clearance.

Professionally hand-drawn "DOCTOR" sign on Fire Island.   See the deer in the background?

My balcony in Ocean Beach.  

Another from the Summer of 2006 on Fire Island.  My buddy PK and I watched the sun come up more than a few times, not necessarily intentionally.  

I don't know if you can tell from looking at this photo, but that's the coolest cat that ever lived.

This six-year-old kid walking down the street on five-foot stilts knocked me out.  In Brooklyn.

Another one from when I lived in Park Slope. I really like this photo, except for the fact that the stupid wood-paneled minivan is the only thing in focus, feh.

The Mr. Youth mascot. Basically you're looking at the Uncle Buck of advertising.

That's my arm.   I don't know what I was doing, something mysterious as usual, I'm sure.

Ween at Terminal 5 in New York, most irksome venue ever.

Cash Cab was filming outside the bar where I worked. A couple of our customers got on the show (hammered) and bombed miserably. 

Ad for a new apartment building, posted in the bathroom at Bull McCabe's on St. Marks. Some joker wrote, "I already live in a room this small." Sigh. I miss New York. Remember the Manhattan Mini Storage subway ads? "You closet's so narrow it makes Cheney look liberal."  "Your closet's so shallow it makes Paris look deep."   "Your closet's scarier than Bush's agenda." Ha.

I guess that wraps up the New York segment of cameraphone closeout, more soon.


Frank said...

Wood-paneled mini vans are not stupid!

...I wish mine had wood-paneling. Then I'd be extra cool.

Anonymous said...

Cashcab! WHY can I never find it??

Great pics :)

V said...

Oh, Frank.

canwepleasestopandreflect: Thanks. When I moved to NY I was dying to accidentally stumble upon the Cash Cab, and of course the one time I did, I was WORKING and only got to make lame small talk with Ben and crew, and take a couple pictures - mostly for my sister's benefit, she's the real fan. Anyhow, I read someplace that about half the pickups are arranged beforehand, so the people already know what's happening when they get in the cab - just like the customers at my bar who got on.

p/s - This was my favorite "celebrity sighting" in NYC, way cooler than Hugh Grant.

Garden Geezer said...

Hello Dinghy
I moved to America rom England in 1980 and have visited New York only twice, but guess what? I recognised Park Slope Brooklyn in your photos, how cool is that? The nly part of Brooklyn I actually know and then I stumle onto a pic of it while cruising interesting looking blogs. I was visiting a young lady who lives up there and was about to graduate from the "Fame High School". Ayay we had dinner at an Italian place and I really felt like I was in the America of the movies that I saw as a kid. Right enuff blog enjoyed reading ya , byeeee.

Garden Geezer said...

I really can spell. My keyboard is acting up. :-)