Monday, October 22, 2007


Things I learned while reading Craigslist and eating Ramen Noodles today:

**note: No need to inquire as to whether I might be feeling lethargic and depressed, concerned friends. I just said I was reading Craigslist and eating Ramen Noodles, didn't I?

  • "Cash and prizes" = funny term for male genitalia.
  • "Cat in the asshat" = roughly the same as "douchebag."
  • A group of mice might be properly referred to as a "herd" but is more likely a "pack."
  • Someone in Ann Arbor, Michigan was lucky enough to find a Rick James album randomly placed on the windshield of their car, while it was parked at the shopping center downtown. (Rarely have I been so envious of the good fortune of another.)
  • Bartering with/for alcohol and tobacoo products is against CL regulations.
  • Tattoos can be covered fairly easily with a thick layer of Max Factor stick makeup, which can, in turn, be removed with roll-on deodorant (?!) and baby wipes.
  • Apparently, some women aren't attracted to men. And vice versa. Who knew?
  • The Multnomah Post Office is a hotbed of social interaction, but you probably don't want to mess with the "regulars."

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